Starting StupendousHealth

Recently, I jokingly asked in a fitness group how many times I’m allowed to start over. I actually got a response that hit something deep inside me… “It’s not even ‘starting over,’ it’s ‘keeping going.’ Progress and effort are not linear.” Honestly, this person is right! That’s life. We just keep trying and keep going. Learning and getting better. I’m excited to see what’s going to happen this time.

Things I’m doing differently this time:

  1. I’m taking Qsymia on recommendation of a doctor to help with my hunger.
  2. My partner is more hands on and involved with my fitness than before.
  3. I purchase premade meals weekly to help with my portion control.
  4. I’ve contacted a trainer to help me with creating modified workouts.
  5. Lastly, I no longer think of this journey as losing weight, but as becoming healthier.

Why I’m doing this:

I’m ready to not be embarrassed when going to get my annual well-check. I’m excited to be able to do all the outside activities I used to do at my lower weight. But most of all, I can’t wait to feel healthy and fit again.

Adding and Removing Barriers

I’m following Nerd Fitness Academy for part of this journey. Something they recommend in mindset section is to remove barriers to healthy habits or add barriers to block reverting to old habits. Here are some of the things I’ve implemented.

  1. The cabinets and fridge have been emptied of snacks.
  2. Premade meals are bought weekly to help with my portion control and calorie count.
  3. A granola bar or nut bar is kept in my bag incase I forget to pack lunch.
  4. I have moved the candy away from my desk and into the English room across school.
  5. I no longer bring my tablet to work to try and keep distraction away.
  6. Also, my partner and I have sold household items we no longer use to declutter our home.
Photo of blogger in a green zebra print dress with black fedora in "model pose" Fitness ready!