Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows – Book Review

Balli Kaur Jaswal’s Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows follows a writing class for Punjabi widows that morphed from an ESL class to an erotic creative writing class. Giggling and shy, the women use these stories to demand the respect and authority they desire in their everyday life. Throw in a little romance and murder mystery all mixed together with the immigrant experience, and Jaswal has created a novel that pleases all readers, in more ways than one. *wink*

Fiery-eyed and indignant, they would pen their stories for the whole world to read.

Balli Kaur Jaswal, Erotic Stores for Punjabi Widows


The main character, Nikki, is a daughter of Indian immigrants. She has grown up with the mindset of your average millennial, but choices come at a price. Nikki struggles at home with the pressures to follow cultural expectation. However, she watches as the Punjabi widows in her class defy these cultural expectations.

Nikki never imagined these traditional widows would be interested in erotic stories, much less write them. The widows all crave something they can’t have or never had in their lives. The classes started off as a secret rebellion, something not to be shared outside the classroom. But, it’s hard to keep a secret. Especially ones about newlywed Indian women taking control in the bedroom.

Death is better than life if a girl doesn’t have her honor. Sometimes the younger generation needs this reminder.

Balli Kaur Jaswal, Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

My Thoughts

When I picked up this book, I was a little worried I would be lost in a culture I knew nothing about. However, Jaswal does a fantastic job of educating the reader about Punjabi and Indian culture. She does this in a humorous way that allowed me to comfortably slip into a foreign culture.

Perhaps passion and excitement were meant to be secondary to a stable adult life.

Balli Kaur Jaswal, Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows

Trying to compare this to any other book is futile. It’s unlike anything I’ve come across before. It was such a new experience and everyone should try reading it. There is some sexually explicit scenes, but the erotic stories are italicized so you can easily skip over them if you want. Usually, the stories don’t go into too much detail and they aren’t long and drawn out.

Overall, highly recommend! 5 out of 5! Please read it so I can have someone to discuss it with!

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The Pizza Predicament

The Pizza Predicament Title Image

Where to Begin?

I’m not sure exactly where to start off this story, but I guess I should give a little background information.  I currently live in a very small town in South Korea.  There genuinely isn’t much here and our only claim to fame is a filming site for a movie no one watches anymore.  Because I’m vegetarian there aren’t many options of places to get food.  Surprisingly,  pretty much everything at restaurants have meat in it.  So, I’ve got about two places I go to and one of them is pizza.

The Pizza

There are a couple places that have pizza here, but my favorite is a place called Pizza Tour.  They don’t deliver, so usually I go straight there after work and get myself a potato pizza.  I know, potato pizza sounds weird, but don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!  The only two people who work there are the owners, husband and wife.  I think the husband does other work during the day since the wife is usually there alone and he gets to the restaurant around 5pm-ish.  They are so, so kind and have helped me out a few times.  Once it started to pour down rain after I had gotten inside.  Before I could leave the wife told me to wait.  I watched her go to the back room and come back with an umbrella!  She didn’t want me getting wet on the way back to my car.

The Predicament

I have to admit that I get pizza too often.  I get it at least once a week (usually on Fridays), but sometimes I get it twice a week if I don’t feel like cooking.  It’s at the point where if I was going to move, I would stop and tell them goodbye before doing so.  Anyway, I was there on a Friday getting my weekly potato pizza when the husband tried to tell me something.

Language Barriers

My Korean level is that of an infant.  Their English level is almost non-existent.  So, there we were at the counter trying to communicate.  He would say a sentence and I would look confused.  He tried again and I would repeat back the words I understood so that we could potentially work towards the goal of communication.  It was very tedious and it took probably a good 10 minutes.  I know this, because I know exactly how long it takes for them to cook my pizza.  Eventually we got to the point where I understood that they were trying to tell me.  They would be out of town for a week!  I was so excited that we finally got the message across, but I was also sad because no pizza for a week.  He then proceeded to tell me that they weren’t getting another dough shipment, so they may run out of dough before then.

Disappointment and Embarrassment

After the husband finished telling me what was going on, the wife had come to the counter to talk as well.  This is where I started to get embarrassed… The wife proceeds to look at me all concerned and say “Oh, no!  What are you going to eat if not pizza??”  All I could do was laugh and tell her that I would be fine.  But she still seemed very concerned for my well-being.  I can cook and I frequently do!  I’m just lazy and I really like pizza.  So, as I walked out of Pizza Tour with my potato pizza, I immediately called my friend here in Korea to tell her my story.  We laughed at my embarrassment together 🙂

Potato Pizza from Pizza Tour
The key to a good potato pizza is full potato wedges. Little potato chunks just don’t cut it.

The Truth

Pizza!  The next week I drove past the shop and looked to see if they were open.  One day I passed to see a sign on the door and workers pulling equipment out of the shop.  My heart broke in two.  They weren’t closing for a week.  I had misunderstood.  They were closing FOREVER and moving to ANOTHER TOWN.


It’s been almost a year since they’ve closed and I haven’t had a pizza to match what they cooked.  They moved their store about an hour and  a half away, and I have to admit that I’ve been tempted to try and find them.  One day I will track them down and tell them how much I’ve missed them.  Until then, I’ll need to learn to make my own pizza…