The First Step to Becoming a Runner

First Step Runner Title Photo

So, you want to be a runner?  Me too!

I see these people on television who are running along the beach with the sea breeze blowing their hair.  Then, you’ve got the people running with their dogs through a picturesque park (most likely in a big city during their middle of the day break from their important corporate job.)  That is #goals, but not #reality.  In reality, runners sweat, get beet red, and pant as if they can’t get enough air in their lungs.  They push themselves and feel proud after they finish.  They aren’t always skinny with perky boobs and they don’t always have that elusive thigh gap.

Still want to be a runner?  Same!

So, let’s break this down.  First, are you or have you even been athletic?  “No.”  Not even back in middle/high school?  “Nope.”  Okay, how far do you think you could run?  “10 seconds at a slow speed and 30 seconds at an even slower speed.”  That’s fine, everyone starts at a different place!  Therefore, let’s start at getting started.  Yes, that’s right.  Just start.  And I don’t mean getting dressed and going out to run today.  NoOoOoooo…  Think smaller.
-Buy a pair of running shoes
-Find an app that works best with your level
-Make a playlist for inspiration while you’re out
-Decide where you’re going to run
You don’t have to just jump into it and go all out.  Starting slow is still starting, and that’s what’s most important.  Well, continuing after starting is pretty important too, but you get my point!

Pink Running Shoes

Where I’m starting

I’m starting by just driving to the track that I want to run at.  I originally thought I wanted to run in the morning, but I quickly realized that my morning routine is essential to my happiness in the day and shortening it to include a run isn’t going to help.  Therefore, I decided to do after work.  The plan is to bring running clothes with me to school, because if I go home I won’t leave again.  Then, I’ll run at the track and go home to do my usual evening thing.  However, I have a big fear of people watching me run… Specifically the man’s soccer team that practices there during the fall.  I don’t want these athletic people watching me huff and puff my way around a track.  So, (at the behest of my therapist), I decided to just drive down there a few days of the week and just see who would be there.  And guess what, no one was there.  Well… one man walking around the track who probably thinks I’m a crazy foreigner because, really, who sits in a car for an hour at an empty track and never gets out?  Me, that’s who.  Actually, I stayed because I wanted to be 100% positive that there would be no soccer team who would come bounding in mid-run.

Not everyone starts at the same place

This is something that I’ve always struggled with.  Other people are going to start way ahead of me, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t give it my best shot.  Especially if it’s something I want to do.  Naturally athletic people maybe won’t understand how difficult it is to just “get up and go.”  Nike’s “Just Do It!” actually makes me feel pretty inadequate.  I can’t just do it.  I have anxiety and need to take little baby steps before I can even get out the door.  And let me tell you, there isn’t anything wrong with that.  My pace is what’s best for me, but maybe not for you and that’s OKAY.  Last week, I drove to the track.  This week, I’m still recovering from my cold the previous week, so I’m still just going to drive to the track to keep that practice up.  Maybe I’ll even change into my running clothes before driving there!  One small step towards the end goal.  I’ll get out the car eventually, when I’m ready.


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