Rebel Girls Lead (Book Review)

REBEL GIRLS! Heck yesssss! I’ve actually always wanted to read the series Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls, but my library unfortunately doesn’t have them available. Not to worry! I was able to read their newest mini-book called Rebel Girls Lead from NetGalley.

Image of flowers and a butterfly with the book Rebel Girls Lead in the front

The Book

Rebel Girls Lead is a mini version of their Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls series. While the Goodnight series includes 200 women in two books, Rebel Girls Lead only has 25 women. Of the 25 women, some are pulled from the Goodnight series, however, 11 new women are included! Each “rebel girl” has a short summary of her life on the left page, accompanied by a BEAUTIFUL portrait on the right with a quote. At the end of the book there is an template for you to create your own rebel girl profile for the book! After that, there is a short and sweet leadership quiz (I’m an ardent activist) followed by exercises in leadership to inspire activism. Overall, this book is amazing and makes me wish I had access to the other books published by Rebel Girls.

The Rebel Girls

Of the 25 rebel girls in the book, I knew or have heard about 13 of them. Even though the stories of the women are written for young kids, I found them very informative! It gives you enough information for you to get a dip into their lives. Honestly, it has left me wanting more and I’ll be looking into more of these women in my free time. Two of the women that I enjoyed learning about most were Pat Summit and Mary Barra. Both are women who entered majority-male jobs and thrived! I love a woman who can prove she is as good as the men in their field!

The Art

I needed to make a special section for the art. Each portrait is amazing and beautiful! I’ve discovered so many artists that I would love to follow on Instagram or maybe purchase from. My favorite pieces of art from the book were Ana Galvan‘s Elizabeth I and Eleanor Davis‘s Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

However, I came across an issue when looking at the Rebel Girl’s website. They have a page where they list all the creators, which is great! But they did a real disservice to the artists by having most of the links mixed up. You can click on an artist’s name, but it will bring up another artist’s Instagram page instead. So, I’ve decided that I’ll list the artist’s below and link their insta for you ūüôā I hope you can use this to discover beautiful art!

  1. Aisha Akeju
  2. Alessandra De Cristofaro
  3. Alexandra Bowman
  4. Ana Galvan
  5. Annalisa Ventura
  6. Cindy Echevarria
  7. Debora Guidi
  8. Eleanor Davis
  9. Elenia Beretta
  10. Fanesha Fabre
  11. Jacquelyn B. Moore
  12. Kathrin Honesta
  13. Kelsee Thomas
  14. Kiki Ljung
  15. Laura Perez
  16. Marta Signori
  17. Nicole Miles
  18. Paola Rollo
  19. Salini Perera
  20. Sally Deng
  21. Sally Nixon
  22. Sara Bondi
  23. Sarah Madden
  24. T.S. Abe
  25. Thandiwe Tshabalala

*I received a complimentary copy of this book through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.*

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