A Gratitude List

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I’ve heard of gratitude lists before and even gratitude journals. Apparently, successful people wake up every morning and write in their journals what they are grateful for. I had been planning to write a gratitude list today, but it just so happens I’m feeling really shitty about something. No one but myself to blame for the consequences. Hopefully, doing this will make me feel a bit better.

  1. I have family who I can call and will support me without judgement.
  2. My job is renewing my contract for another year.
  3. I have two dogs that love and care about me.
  4. I have a fantastic support group of women I can contact whenever I’m having a hard time.
  5. I’m able to live and lead the life I choose.
  6. I work in an environment that allows me to creative and is happy that I’m there.
  7. I don’t currently have any major health problems.
  8. There are people in my community who are happy to see me.
  9. I have the respect of my students.
  10. I’m in a position in life where I can fix my fuck-ups.

Okay, that was actually more difficult than I expected. I kind of got stuck after 6 and I was tearing up towards the end. Do I feel better? Yes. Did the reality of my problem go away? No. However, I feel like when I tell myself that it’s going to be okay, I believe it a bit more.

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Have you seen my bucket list?

Bucket List

A bucket list always seemed like something people do when they are about to die. A Walk to Remember, anyone? But, as I’ve gotten older I realize that you need little things in life to look forward to.

My mom told me what gets her through her nursing shifts, is knowing which vacation she will be going on next. When I’m in a rut, I need to make some sort of plan (even a stay-cation) to get my spirits up.

So, here I am 29 years old with 29 things on my bucket list!

  1. learn to trick rope
  2. make a build-a-bear
  3. have a personal library full of books I love
  4. adopt a child
  5. buy lots of land
  6. get a scrub at a Korean bath house
  7. buy a modern hanbok
  8. visit all 50 states
  9. have a farm
  10. get my master’s degree
  11. work as a librarian
  12. grow a vegetable garden
  13. go to the Australia zoo
  14. learn to drive stick
  15. road trip to the grand canyon
  16. fly first class
  17. learn Korean
  18. get a tattoo
  19. run a marathon
  20. see the northern lights in Iceland
  21. vacation at Giraffe Manor
  22. visit my online friends
  23. ride a hot air balloon
  24. go on an epic hike
  25. have a black lamb named Jennifer
  26. go to a drive in movie
  27. have a lake or beach house
  28. travel to different countries
  29. work with exotic animals

Well, there’s my bucket list? What’s on yours?

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