A Gratitude List

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I’ve heard of gratitude lists before and even gratitude journals. Apparently, successful people wake up every morning and write in their journals what they are grateful for. I had been planning to write a gratitude list today, but it just so happens I’m feeling really shitty about something. No one but myself to blame for the consequences. Hopefully, doing this will make me feel a bit better.

  1. I have family who I can call and will support me without judgement.
  2. My job is renewing my contract for another year.
  3. I have two dogs that love and care about me.
  4. I have a fantastic support group of women I can contact whenever I’m having a hard time.
  5. I’m able to live and lead the life I choose.
  6. I work in an environment that allows me to creative and is happy that I’m there.
  7. I don’t currently have any major health problems.
  8. There are people in my community who are happy to see me.
  9. I have the respect of my students.
  10. I’m in a position in life where I can fix my fuck-ups.

Okay, that was actually more difficult than I expected. I kind of got stuck after 6 and I was tearing up towards the end. Do I feel better? Yes. Did the reality of my problem go away? No. However, I feel like when I tell myself that it’s going to be okay, I believe it a bit more.

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