My Father & My Cycle: A Father’s Day Story

In honor of Father’s Day, I wanted to tell you a story of how absolutely wonderful my father is. It’s a bit embarrassing and he may cringe if he ever sees this, but I think it shows his pure love for me, his daughter.

I was a teenager. Maybe in 9th or 10th grade? Either way, I was a teenage girl on her period. And I was a bleeder. My mom had me do bloodwork because I bled so much. Like a lot. Like, I would go through 3-4 long nighttime/sleeping pads a day. My mom made me strictly have dark sheets on my bed because I leaked so much. Anyway, back to the story…

I needed to use the bathroom and as I was pulling down my pants, a huge clot fell out and onto the bathroom rug. Shock and fear were my two emotions. Like, OMG this clot is the size of a Jell-O shot and OMG is something wrong with me? Unfortunately for my father, my mom was not home. However, Dad really came to the rescue.

I finished my business and sheepishly went to tell him what happened. I hadn’t picked it up because, with my mom being a nurse, I grew up with the idea of “leave everything where it is so mom can see and assess next steps.” So, Dad went to action. He picked up the clot and flushed it, washed his hands, grabbed the rug and tossed it in the washing machine. All that, while never saying a single word.

He didn’t make an embarrassing moment more awkward. Similarly, he didn’t act like anything disgusting happened. He just did what needed to be done to help his daughter. Now, THAT is a good dad.

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I’ll love you always.

A photo of the most amazing father on his birthday.

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