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Remus's Dog Trading Card

Quick Facts

  • Hates oranges, but always wants a piece when he sees it and says “Why would you give me that?? You know I don’t like oranges!”
  • Will put his slobbery toy on your face when he wants to play at bedtime
  • If you say “Where’s your toy?” he will frantically run around until he finds one
  • Loves to sleep right next to your belly
  • Gives great kisses
  • Checks on you when you sneeze
  • Puts his whole face into your mouth when you yawn
  • Loves tennis balls over all things and won’t drop it unless you throw a second one
  • Accidentally swallows so much sand at the beach that he poops straight sand afterwards
  • Will only show affection to others if I’m not there
  • Steals your plastic bottles when you aren’t looking
  • Likes to be praised when he eats and sometimes needs to be reminded to chew
  • Named after Remus Lupin (not Uncle Remus)
  • Prefers the squeaker inside the toy rather than the toy itself
  • If you aren’t careful, you’ll get a tongue up your nose
Remus and I at the Park
Remus and I at the Park

Our Story

Just an Idea

Back in 2013, before I even imagined living in Korea, I was a wandering millennial trying to get a job.  I landed a job at Stone Oak Family Practice in San Antonio, TX.  Not the fanciest of jobs, but I absolutely loved it!  The patients were kind and my coworkers were family.  Soon after getting the job, I moved out of my Aunt and Uncle’s home into my first apartment.  I quickly realized it was pretty lonely coming home.

I had always liked the idea of getting a dog and a lot of my friends had retired racing greyhounds.  Also, my best friend was on the puppy train as well.  I can’t deny her influence.  So, I decided I was going to get a retired greyhound!  The perfect couch potato for my small apartment.  I was seriously prepared to the point where I bought and read books on how to prepare yourself and your home for a retired racing dog.  However, a couple months later, a friend posted on Facebook that his dachshund just had puppies.  Then came…

Remus's First Picture
Remus’s First Picture

The Choice

I immediately commented claiming one.  Then, I took it back.  Finally, I decided to just go for it and I chose the only girl of the litter.  After sharing the news with friends, I was bombarded with conflicting information.  Which gender is better??  Is a boy what I’m looking for?  How about a girl?  What qualities did I want in my dog?  I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO PICK!!!  Eventually, I told my friend to just pick the cuddliest one.  I wanted a dog who would cuddle me to death.  They said, “I know the perfect one.”  The perfect one ended up being my Remus.

Remus and His First Friend
Remus and His First Friend

Rough Beginning

Let me tell you, Remus was the cutest puppy!  However, we did struggle a lot in the beginning.  He was my first dog so I didn’t know what I was doing.  Plus, he was a dachshund mix and stubborn as all get out.  Also, (totally not anyone’s fault) I fractured my kneecap the week after I got him.  That made things difficult, but we were determined.  My best friend had just gotten a golden retriever puppy the month before me, but her puppy was already house trained while I was literally begging Remus to pee outside.  No, seriously.  I was on my hands and knees crying and pleading with him to pee outside.  That was my first mistake, never show weakness.

Remus Passed Puppy Class
Remus Passed Puppy Class

The Pissing Contest

After I broke down crying, something clicked between us and he would tell me when he needed to go out.  It was magical, but the worst was yet to come.  He knew.  He knew what made me upset.  War had been declared.  I know what you’re thinking, but I’m not being dramatic.  Remus was and is smart.  When he didn’t want me going into work, he would pee on my scrubs.  Literally walk over to them and pee on them.  When I wasn’t giving him enough attention, he would stand over my feet and pee on them.  It was devastating, but I had to stand firm.  Eventually, we moved on from the pee thing, but he still remembers.  To this day, if I piss him off, he will pee on something just to watch me get mad.

Remus's First Halloween
Remus’s First Halloween

From Nothing to Everything

Having Remus changed my life.  My whole attitude and outlook changed.  I didn’t know that I could love something as much as I loved him.  I didn’t know that I could be as brave as I needed to be for him.  Because of Remus, I’m a better person.  Before, I would just stay home after work and watch TV or read a book.  After, we went to the park every day and I became social!  I was always an awkward person.  You know that weird girl who stood in the corner at parties and just watched people?  That would have been me, except I didn’t even go to parties.  But, here I was at the park, store, daycare, wherever, actually talking to people.  I made park friends and was having full blown out conversations with people, sharing future dreams.  I hadn’t ever done that before.

Remus and I with Matching Shirts
My brother put Remus in his shirt so we could match across the ocean 🙂

The Separation

Leaving Remus behind was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  I decided to move to South Korea, but didn’t think I should take Remus with me to begin with.  What if I didn’t like it?  I didn’t want to stress him out if I was just going to come back after one year.  One of my aunts volunteered to take Remus for the year while I was away (this didn’t last and Remus ended up with my mom).  My doctor gave me a couple Xanex so I wouldn’t have a panic attack dropping him off with my aunt.  It was heart wrenching leaving him behind.

On his 2nd birthday, I was in Korea and he was in Texas.  I started crying at work and had to take some time to walk around outside to calm down.  I revered back to scared Hillary and didn’t go out much.  Granted, I’m sure culture shock played a part, but I know it was partially because Remus wasn’t with me.

Love Lock for Remus
I hung a Love Lock at N. Seoul Tower for Remus

Reunited and it Feels so Good

Once I realized I was going to say, I saved up the money to get him here!  He flew alone, so it was pretty expensive.  I could have flown to Texas and back and it would have been cheaper, but I didn’t want to wait for summer vacation!  Having him here felt like a dream.  I couldn’t believe it!  However, he wasn’t the same dog, not exactly.

Remus and I Cuddling
Back together after a year apart

Different, but the Same

He was, but he wasn’t at the same time.  When Remus and I went to the park together in Texas, he was friendly with everyone!  He was the dog who, when an owner threw the ball for their dog who ignored it, would go get it and bring it back to that person in exchange for belly rubs.  He loved everyone and was quick to make friends, animal and human.

However, he had become scared and timid.  He wasn’t excited to meet new people and was very protective of me.  When it was just us two together, he felt like the same dog.  But because of his lack of socialization for a year (my mom lives in a small town and works nights at a hospital), his attitude changed a bit.  We are slowly getting back to that place, but it takes time.  He’s good with other dogs now, but not with people.

Remus Covered in Sand
Remus at his favorite place, the beach

Life in Korea

Remus’s favorite place is the beach!  Since I live so close to it (7 minutes walking) we go there often.  His favorite activity is frisbee!  But, you need to make sure he is watching where you throw it.  If he doesn’t see you throw it, you’ll be going to fetch it yourself.  We also like to go to the local park (15 minute drive), but I don’t let him run around off leash there.  He used to, but then he caught a bunny and since then I never let him run around.  Maybe sometimes in the areas where there aren’t animals… We also like to walk around a local pond called Lotus Lake!  During the spring it’s so beautiful, filled with lily-pads and flowers!  He likes meeting other dogs, but isn’t interested in meeting other people.  However, we’ve had a big life change recently… One called, Tonks!

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