Tonks’s New Crochet Dog Bed From Jumbo Yarn

For a while, I felt like all I was seeing online were people arm knitting or arm crocheting. Pillows seemed to be what was recommended for most first timers, but I don’t like to make things easy. Therefore, I decided to go straight to a dog bed. Although I’ve never crocheted before, I decided to give it a try! What’s the worst that could happen?

First Steps

While looking online for a pattern, I wanted to be sure that I could figure out what to do. I managed to find OHHiO. They sell patterns, and at the time, sold kits as well! However, they didn’t ship to my location so I decided to just buy the pattern by itself. I made this bed for Tonks, but the dog bed seemed too big for her. Tonks prefers to curl up into a small ball when she sleeps. Therefore, I chose the cat bed instead. *Spoiler Alert* It’s the perfect size for her.

Now for the yarn. I found some jumbo yarn from a website called Ancalls. While I was SUPER HAPPY to have found jumbo yarn in Korea, I wasn’t a huge fan of their jumbo yarn once I got it. It’s soft and the color was nice, but I would have preferred for there to be more filling inside. There were times while crocheting where the filling would move elsewhere and the knot would end up being just… the outer material. It took me a while to try to spread things out evenly, but the bed still ended up looking good. However, once Tonks started to use it, the filling started to move again. It’s holding its shape, but I feel like it would have looked better and been sturdier if I had a better jumbo yarn.

How It Went

I decided to make this one day at work during vacation break. I was just desk warming and didn’t really have anything to do, so why not? Following the pattern, I quickly realized that this wasn’t going to work out. It was a booklet for beginners, but I was failing. Turns out, OHHiO has a youtube tutorial that shows you the whole process without needing to buy their pattern. Ah, well…

Counting all the stitches was tough and I was having to replay parts of the video again and again and again and again. Eventually, it all worked out and I had a nice finished product! It just took me like 4 hours when it shouldn’t have taken that long at all.

Tonks’s Bed Review

I took the bed home and put it on the bed. I put Tonks into it to show her that this was for HER and she could lay on it. Remus was NEVER allowed on her bed. Turns out, she FREAKING LOVES IT! At first I kept it on the bed in the corner and she would sleep there rather than cuddled up next to me. Later, I put it on the floor, but she pulled it under the bed (where she sleeps while I’m at work). Now, I have it next to the bed in this combo shelf/dog bed area. She doesn’t even sleep with me anymore! She sleeps in her crocheted bed all night, but always comes up for cuddles and kisses during the day ūüôā

How The Bed Is Holding Up

Tonks has been using this for about 6 months now and the bed is still holding up decently. It doesn’t realllly keep its form well (which I think would be fixed by using a higher quality jumbo yarn), but it’s staying together. Every night before bed, Tonks will “dig” and make her bed up so it’s just perfectly comfortable for her. Even with her digging, the crochet is holding up! I’ve thrown it into the washing machine as well and it didn’t come apart. Overall, this was fun and made my dog happy. A complete success!

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