What You’ll Find Here

Similar to many millennials, I have no idea what I’m doing.  I want more, but don’t know how to get that.  So, I’m just going to try a multitude of things and see what sticks! Here, is all about me 😀

Goal: Enjoy life

My days are filled with students, dogs (Remus & Tonks), and my own mishaps.  I frequently make stupid mistakes as well as spend hours trying to figure out how to do something.  I once tried to order a small toy for my dog and ended up getting a massive 2.5 foot bunny.  Another time, I attempted to order a normal size bag of pretzels and I got a 5kg bag by mistake.  These things are not uncommon with me.  Since I manage to screw up a lot, I decided to share that with you!  What’s more relatable than someone stumbling through life?  Also, expect lots of dog pictures and posts!

Goal: Get fit

Running seems like the exercise for me.  Can I run?  Maybe for 10 seconds…  Granted, starting during the fall and winter isn’t preferable, but might as well start now.  No use putting it off.  People all around the world run during snowy winters and blistering summers, so why not me?  On a more serious note, starting off will be realllllly slow… Slow and steady wins the race!  Runners online always seem so enthusiastic and talk about how great running it is.  I don’t expect to have that same experience.  I’ll share my struggles, tips, tricks, and big WHY when it comes to running.

Goal: Explore my passion

Reading has always been enjoyable, but what career could that lead to?  After graduating from TAMU with a degree in English Literature, choosing a career/life path was daunting.  I down right refused to teach (irony?) and decided on being a librarian.  Realizing that required a masters degree, plans needed to be made.  Studying for the GRE and saving for grad school is great, but I want to be more involved!  BookTube is the perfect way for me to be involved and stay up to date with the literature community.

About Me

Hello!  My name is Hillary and I’m a 30 year old who is living and teaching ESL in South Korea.  I genuinely love my life here and have finally reached this place of comfort.  Of course, we can’t stay comfortable forever and most progress isn’t made during the comfortable stages of life.  As I begin to upend my life with saving for graduate school and studying for the GRE, I wanted to make sure there would be happy things for me to fall back on: things that I enjoy, a community to talk to, and something to relieve the stress.  Putting together all this into a blog is also giving me an outlet needed on difficult days; or give me a place where I can look back and see positive growth.  Life right now is good, but it can be better!  I’m ready to make my life STUPENDOUS!