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Image of flowers and a butterfly with the book Rebel Girls Lead in the front
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Bookstagram Links for StupendousReads

Are you here because of StupendousRead’s bookstagram? Looking for the related blog post? This is where you want to be! Just click on the image to go to the related blog post! Interested in more? I don’t only write about books! I also blog about my life. Maybe you’ve considered teaching in South Korea. Why…

A Book List For Bradley and His Kids

So, basically my long term plan has always been to be a librarian. I used to have an active BookTube channel, that I’m hoping to start up again this summer maybe? I started this blog thinking I could post book stuff here as well. (Check out some of my other book lists.) However, life happens…

Tonks in her new crochet bed
Showing the most amazing dad a girl could have