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The Daily Bugle

The Daily Bugle

In my 2nd grade class, I was having to teach them the phrase “Have you heard about…?”  With this, I decided to do a superhero themed lesson.  On my ppt. I asked them if they have heard of various superheros or fictional characters and they would answer with “Yes, I have” or “No, I haven’t.”  Our ending assignment/activity was a Daily Bugle article.  They had no knowledge of it being related to Spider-Man, but I enjoyed the reference.  Here were some of my favorite and some of the best Daily Bugle papers I received!

Before I start showing off my students’ work, I wanted to explain one of my favorite things about this assignment.  The students who didn’t pay attention or show an interest before, did when I passed this out.  A lot of the students in my 2nd grade classes don’t pay attention or just cause trouble.  The ones who aren’t good at English or who are generally bored (the textbook is just awful) were interested in this and sort of enjoyed it.  It took a little bit to convince them, but once I got them to draw they all seemed to at least try to write a few sentences.  This is one of the activities that I am more proud of, but also one that I know I can’t do too much.


Class Example

This is the example that I gave for the class to copy.  I don’t think I did pretty bad 🙂


English 2

This one isn’t the best English, but it warmed my heart!  The kids here definitely know how to suck-up, but I think she was being genuine.


Ummm… Can we talk about how awesome this one is??  He even uses a comma correctly!  He tried multiple times to draw the nose, but eventually he just gave up.  This is one of my best students.


Okay, so this one isn’t that great, BUT this was a big moment for me.  This guy never tries to do anything I give him ever, but with a little encouragement from me he actually did something!  Him and a friend come to me almost every day to talk to me in English for 1 minute.  [Side Note:  I give the kids candy if they come and talk to me for a certain length of time.  Some of the kids have been bumped up to three minutes at this point, but I love doing this.  I get to know them more, correct mistakes as they happen, engage them in lesson material, and strengthen their confidence!  I honestly love doing this.]  I was super proud of him for participating and I feel like I made a breakthrough.  He talks more and he listens more… I am just so happy.


This girl is quiet, but sweet.  She, and her friend below, did theirs on a K-pop group.  I have to admit, I haven’t listened to B1A4, but now I may have to.


I didn’t know about B1A4, but I do know BEAST!  I discovered them when I was still at the doctor’s office in San Antonio.  I actually had a couple of the girls listen to their songs and had them guess which one was my favorite 🙂  This girl specifically told me not to show this to the class.  She was a bit embarrassed.


This guy is really good at English.  Anytime I say something and he doesn’t understand, he says “pardon?”  It is pretty cute!


This guy is funny.  I mean, who would have thought to write about a cardboard box.


This guy is also good in English.  Piero is, I assume, a fictional clown from a movie?  I don’t know, but all of my students know who this Piero clown is.  I think I need to look him up.


This drawing was pretty impressive.  So many of my kids love computer games!  They always ask me about computer games or computer game characters and I have no idea what they are talking about. I think I need to educate myself.

This guy is one of my favorite students!  He used to come and talk to me a lot, but he has sort of stopped recently 🙁  I like when the students talk to me, so I kind of miss him coming to my desk all the time.  After he turned this in, I told him I was proud of him.  The next day he let me know that he was very touched when I told him how proud I was.


This girl is sweet, but I kind of wanted to smack her across the head.  If you don’t know what makes me say that, look at the first line.  “Do you heard about…”  I mean, seriously!  It is in bold letters right under the big box that you just drew in!

This guy isn’t too good in English, but he has been trying to catch up with the rest of the class.  Rather than making noise, like he used to, he sits and works on English.  Most of the time it isn’t English assignments from my class, but from my co-teacher’s class.  I’m not going to complain though.  He is being quiet and I’m not going to ask for too much.


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