A Target for Those Pitchforks

A Target for Those Pitchforks

Who put this crazy idea into her head?
Who told her it was okay to do this?

For these questions, I have answers.



Stephanie is the one responsible for my new found love of K-Pop and Korean Dramas.  On a simple Spaghetti Monday at her house (her family cooks spaghetti every Monday, and since this is my favorite food and they loved me so very much I was given a never-ending invitation to dinner on Mondays), she showed me my first K-pop music video:  TVXQ‘s Keep Your Head Down.  The dance version, to be specific.

One night, I had a bout of insomnia and was not able to fall asleep.  So, being insanely bored, I decided to watch this video again and again and again.  YouTube began to suggest other K-pop music videos and I started to watch groups like EXO, Big Bang, SHINee, and Girls Generation.  I went to work the next day in a K-daze and specifically remember telling my coworkers that “I fell into a never-ending pit of K-pop.”   After that I watched a few K-dramas like Boys Over Flowers and Flower Boys Next Door.  This now brings me to the next person on my list..



I was sitting at Chelsea’s house one day talking about how I was really bored and wanted some sort of life change.  She casually brings up teaching English overseas (specifically Korea since I seem to be so fond of their music and TV) and talks about how they are always looking for teachers and they pay really well.  I would like to mention here that she has her master’s in Russian and has taught in Russia.  I left her house slightly flummoxed yet intrigued by the whole thing.   I immediately went home and started to google/pinterest the idea.  The more I looked into it, the more this seemed like something I could actually do!


Aunt Cynthia

One of the first people that I mentioned this crazy notion to was my Aunt Cynthia.  She sort of became someone that I would go to with big life questions and this was one of them.  “So, I’m thinking about maybe teaching English in South Korea.  What do you think about that?”  Needless to say, she was very encouraging.  She didn’t necessarily agree with going to South Korea, but she definitely thought it was a good idea for me to travel and explore the world more while I’m young and not tied down.


Seonsangnim (My Korean Teacher)

While this idea was still just an idea, I decided to try and find a Korean teacher.  I didn’t need to learn Korean to be qualified to teach English in South Korea, but it seemed like a reasonable thing to do and I was looking for a new hobby anyway.  Since I started seeing her, I have only wanted to do this more!  She used to be a director at a private English academy in Seoul and had so much to tell me about what I would experience.  There was never a day in class where I wouldn’t leave more encouraged to make this happen!


There are so many others who have encouraged me to do this, but these are the main four that gave me the determination to make this happen!  So, if you feel like you can’t get angry with me, put your frustrations out on these ladies!  😀


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