Review – FlipBelt

Review – FlipBelt

Review – FlipBelt


SoooAs I began my running journey I realized something… the pockets on my running tights sucked.  My phone didn’t fit, but my keys did so my keys went there.  Now, what do I do with my phone??  I had a pocket on my running shirt that my phone could barely squeeze into, but IT FIT! Problem solved, right?  No…. Walking with my phone in there was fine, but when I ran my phone would flop everywhere.  My shirt would ride up and my pocked would sag down.  I’m sure it looked a mess (but who cares? You are being awesome and running), but it really just felt awful.  I would find myself holding my phone so it didn’t swing around.  Overall, it was a nuisance.  So, I went to my trusty Hogwarts Running Club Facebook Page and searched for recommendations!

BEHOLD THE FLIP BELT! Admittedly these two are a little “forced” excited to tell you about the product, but give it a watch.  It does explain the FlipBelt really well.


Basically, the FlipBelt is a belt that can hold all your things for you while you run.  It goes around your waits/hips (wherever is most comfortable for you) and it has about 5 slits in it where you can put your things.  They have a few variations: the classic, ones with zippers, and ones that are reflective.  They also sell water bottles that are curved and the perfect fit for their FlipBelt.

Reasons I love the FlipBelt:

  • My iPhone 6s with a thick case fits perfectly!
  • It holds the phone in place and I almost forget it’s there because it doesn’t bounce around at all.
  • My phone is snug and secure, but it isn’t a struggle to get it in or out.
  • The key clip has me giving a sigh of relief.  It’s nice to know that even my smaller item won’t accidently slip out.
  • My key (and key chain) don’t jingle!
  • I feel like I can fit a million things in here!  I have gone on a hike with my phone, keys, snack for me, snack for my dog, poop bags, AND bandages.
  • You can place the items around your waist instead of just the front.
  • It comes in tons of fun colors!!

Obviously I love mine, but it doesn’t work for everyone :/  I’ve read that for treadmill runs, it doesn’t track the steps well since there really isn’t a bounce (some have said they’ve had success when keeping the FlipBelt on their lower back or their hip).  Also, women with a more hourglass figure complain of the FlipBelt rolling up during their runs and becoming loose causing their items to fall out or bounce uncomfortably.  So before you buy, check and make sure it would be the best product for you 😀

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