Keeper of the Beef Knuckle

Keeper of the Beef Knuckle

Remus has a lot of little quirks that infuriate me or have me collapsing from cuteness.  Closer towards the cuter side of the scale is one of his bedtime rituals.

Remus typically sleeps in his kennel, but when it is cold outside I let him sleep with me since it’s warmer*.  What usually happens is I fall asleep while he is still playing around on the bed or chewing on a bone.  When he decides that he is ready for bed, he places whatever toy or bone right in front of my face.  It’s like he is saying “I’m done now Momma, here you go,” or “Keep this safe for me please.”  I just think it is kind of cute.  Slightly annoying at times when I wake up with a slobber covered beef knuckle on my nose, but cute in my opinion.  Although, I am biased.

Sleepy Remus


*when I want to cuddle

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