Our Future Is So Bright

Our Future Is So Bright

Our Future Is So Bright

I use the Jeong Sa Yeol Middle School textbook and my 3rd graders are currently on Lesson 6 – Dreaming My Future, which is about jobs.  I couldn’t help but remember my college graduation invitations that said “My future is so bright, I gotta wear shades!”  I was then on a mission to find some sort of activity with that phrase.

My key phrases for the lesson are:
-I hope to be a ______.
-Are you planning to _______?

Luckily I found this adorable PDF (My Future Is So Bright: Goal Setting Activity) on Teachers Pay Teachers from ideas by jivy.  Best of all, IT IS FREE!!

The resource is made for elementary school kids, but I was able to use it for my middle school ESL/TEFL class since they are low level.  I made it very simple and had them only write 3 sentences and draw a picture of their job.

  1. My name is __________.
  2. I hope to be a ____________.
  3. I plan to _____________.

I was actually pretty surprised how creative some of them were with their jobs!  I actually liked quite a lot of them and decided to share some with you.  Sorry there are so many, but it was hard to narrow down 🙂


IMG_3911_censored IMG_3915_censored IMG_3953_censored IMG_3919_censored IMG_3916_censored IMG_3922_censoredIMG_3954_censored IMG_3930_censoredIMG_3931_censoredIMG_3955_censored

Overall, I think they had a good time and it was easy enough for the lower level students to do, while still giving the higher level students an opportunity to write more and be adventurous with their writing.  I also think they like the colored paper 🙂  I haven’t done too much on colored paper with them.

Hope this helps and happy teaching!

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