Why the F*ck Do I Want to Run???

Why the F*ck Do I Want to Run???

Why the F*ck Do I Want to Run???

A bit of background information for you.. I’m NOT a runner.  I’m not anything athletic of any kind.  I would prefer to stay home and read a book or binge watch a show on Netflix, but recently I decided I wanted to run.  I don’t know what went through my head at the time.  I don’t even know what possessed me to start this journey.  All I know is that I’ve started and I am determined to finish this!  I went through all the steps to start and I’ve come up with different ways to stay motivated.  So far, I’ve completed a week of my ZombieRun5K app.  HOORAY!  But I’ve done this before.. I’ve gotten to 2 weeks and then quit.  Again and again I’ve repeated this.  But I want this time to be different, so I’m going to blog about it.  Blogging will make me accountable, right?  No one ever quits anything after they blog about it, right?  So here I am, doing a thing, and trying to not quit.  Let’s get on to today’s topic.


“Why the f*ck do I want to run??”


That’s pretty much all I repeat to myself, over and over again, as I’m running/jogging/walking… I don’t even know what to call what I’m doing!!  All I know is that I’m spending my time after work off the couch at a track, moving, in athletic wear.  You can call it whatever you want to call it, but I’m going to call it running since my goal is to become a runner.

Back to the question… Why the f*ck do I want to run??  It’s a big question if you really think about it.  My big WHY!  It’s not as big as other “why” questions, but it’s still a doozy.  I think everyone who starts some form of exercise needs to have a “why” before they start.  Otherwise, why put yourself through pain and torture?  Why spend your time exercising when you could be watching TV, learning a new language, or socializing?  Life is already complicated, so why am I trying to make mine more difficult?!  This is why I’m here.  I’m going to write 10 answers to this question so I can always come back and remind myself why I’m doing this is and why I need to continue.


  1. I want to be fit, but I don’t necessarily want to look fit. It would be great to say “yes” anytime my fit friends suggest something active, rather than have to ask a million details to determine if it’s something I’m physically capable of doing.
  2. I want to not be so exhausted.  Doing anything makes me tired.  Walking to a restaurant down the road makes me tired.  I don’t want to feel like that anymore.
  3. I want to keep up with my dog.  My dog is great and I love him to death.  I recently got a portrait done of him 😀  But he just has so much energy and sometimes I want to keep going, but I just can’t because I’m not capable of keeping up with him.  I want to change for him.
  4. I want to be healthy.  This is pretty self explanatory if you ask me, but I’ll go into a bit more detail.  I’ve been cursed by getting most of the bad genes from both sides of my family.  My dad’s side has a history of heart disease and I don’t want to end up like that.  Seeing my dad have to take a handful of pills every day just so he can stay with us is depressing.  I want to do what I can now so I don’t have to be on medications later.
  5. I want to be active before I have kids.  One day I will have a kid(s) and I want to be able to play/run around with them.  Kids have a lot of energy and I want to be one of the parents who plays with them instead of just watching.
  6. I want to set a go and accomplish it.  I’m a hobby hopper.  I like to try new things, but I don’t actually stick with them.  I notorious for not finishing projects that I start.  But I want to start this and be able to say “I DID IT!”
  7. I want to travel more.  I’m an outside person.  I just like being outside.  So when I travel, I like to do outdoorsy things.  This summer I traveled around South West Korea with my aunt and I realized that I can’t do all the things I want to do because I’m not in shape.  There are so many monuments around the world that I want to see, but I need to be in better shape in order to really see them and experience them.
  8. I want people to be impressed with me.  As I said before, I’m notorious for not finishing things.  When I do actually finish something, people tend to praise me.  I’m human, I like praise.  I think we all do.  Why I continue to not finish things and not be praised, I couldn’t tell you.. But if I actually ran a 5K or just became a runner in general, I would get the most praise I’ve ever received!  Since I’ve never been athletic, this would be me accomplishing something completely out of character that people approve of.  The reward of praise would be fantastic!
  9. I want nice looking legs.  I like muscular looking thighs and I want some.  I have plans to get 2 thigh tattoos and I want my legs to look good before I get them!
  10. I want to be able to hike/run/escape if North Korea decides to invade South Korea.  This situation is highly unlikely, but in case something horrible does happen while I’m here I want to be able to do what needs to be done.  If my dog is captured/killed because my fat ass couldn’t walk far enough or quick enough.. I would never forgive myself


So there you go!  Those are the 10 reasons why I want to run.  Let me know what your reasons are and what you think of my “why” motivators.


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