This Summer My Feet and I…

This Summer My Feet and I…

Coming back from summer vacation is depressing.  Especially when you only have eight days vacation and didn’t go out of town.  However, it doesn’t matter how tired/lazy you are because the students are full of renewed energy from their longer-than-yours break and want to do something fun.

While this is my 3rd semester teaching in Korea, this is my first time having to think of something to do when they come back from break.  At the beginning of the year you can kind of do introductions or class rules and things like that, but coming back for the second semester is a bit different and required me to have to think a bit.

Then I found ELA Buffet!  Darlene Ann is a middle school English Language Arts teacher.  While she doesn’t teach ESL/TEFL like I do, Darlene had a great lesson that I was able to incorporate in my class.  Her post is titled: Using Sketchnotes to Generate Ideas for Writing.  What she has her students do is trace their foot into their notebook, then include “doodles, sketches, words, phrases, and ancedotes” which will start ideas for narratives, memoirs, etc.

ELA Buffet's example

ELA Buffet’s example

This was a bit too much writing for my students, so here is what I told them to do

  1. Trace your foot on the paper
  2. Write the title on the page
  3. Choose 3 places you went to this summer
    I live in a small country town in Korea.  Not a lot of the students really leave town, so I gave them examples of places they could have gone around here.  For example:

    1. the library
    2. Mom’s touch
    3. PC Room
    4. friend/family’s house
    5. beach (they always giggle at this because it sounds like ‘bitch’ when they say it)
    6. academy
  4. Write one sentence for each place
  5. Draw and color!
My example!

My example!

I chose to draw a barefoot since I went to Gyejoksan Mountain and walked on the clay trail without shoes.  But because I had drew foot, most of the students drew a foot as well.  Not many did shoes or sandals.  Next time I think I will draw a shoe.  Then they can maybe personalize it a bit more.

And these are from my students 😀

IMG_3768_censored IMG_3780_censored IMG_3785_censored IMG_3786_censored IMG_3817_censored

I used this for my 1st and 2nd grade middle school classes and they seemed to enjoy it enough 🙂  I picked a couple of my favorites in each class and rewarded them with a Minion pencil.  I knew/know this lesson is easy and maybe a bit too easy for them, but I wanted to give everyone (even the low level students) a chance to WIN!  And they did!!  I think some of the higher level students were disappointed they didn’t get the prize, but I noticed that a lot of my higher level students didn’t even follow the rules… Three places, one sentence for each place… It isn’t difficult.


Hopefully you can use this in one of your future classes!

Happy teaching!

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