Learning Korean

Learning Korean

Learning Korean is really hard.. Seriously.

I have been taking tutoring in Korean for about nine months now, once a week for 1-2hrs.  My teacher is an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher from Seoul, South Korea.  She has been in Texas for about five years now and while she has been teaching English at local colleges, she has also taught Korean a few semesters at the local university.  Although I have been taking these classes for a while now, I don’t feel like I really know too too much.  I feel like some of it is because of the symbol conversion in my head and that I don’t really have anyone to practice with.  Also, I am only getting tutoring about an hour a week when I really should be getting more time in.  HOWEVER, I mostly need to study more.

I have the worst time motivating myself to study.  Even the idea that I may or may not be moving to South Korea isn’t getting me pumpped up to study 🙁  I’m going to start a new motivator today.  For each hour I study Korean, I get to buy one K-pop song (or other Korean song).  I’ve been doing this thing where I can buy one song for every two miles I walk, which is how I was getting my k-pop songs in, but now I have to actually do something related to Korean in order to buy Korean music.  I am thinking this will work out for me.  Only time will tell.

Even though I don’t know much Korean, I do still get Korean words mixed up with English words.  I find myself answering patients in Korean rather than English, which is embarrassing.  Also, when I attempt to speak my also limited amount of Spanish, I slip in Korean words there as well.  Sometimes I find myself using Spanish in Korean class, but that isn’t as often.

I did watch a TEDx talk the other day where this teenage boy is teaching himself multiple languages.  The idea that this guy can do this in his spare time really makes me believe that I can do it too.  If I actually apply myself instead of doing other useless things, then I should be able to hold a very simple conversation with the teachers at my future Korean school.

Whichever way I look at it, I need to spend more time learning the language.  Hopefully with enough encouragement I will be able to speak something before I make my move (hopefully) in August.

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