Jyoshi Kausei Review

Jyoshi Kausei Review

Jyoshi Kausei Review

Jyoshi Kausei is a manga I discovered on CrunchyRoll’s Manga app! I just got a new iPad (YAYY) and was uploading all the apps possible when I came across this manga app. I have been wanting to get into manga recently, so this seemed like a good enough opportunity to start. Conventiently, my little brother pays for the Crunchyroll premium subscription, so I don’t have to see adds on each page 😀 Anyway… ON TO THE MANGA REVIEW

This manga is so adorable and I just love it!!! Jyoshi Kausei is written and drawn by Ken Wakai. I’m not sure exactly what the title translates to, but a couple places on the internet say “Dumb High School Girl.” However, not everything on the Internet is to be trusted.

The manga focuses on a girl named Momoko and her two friends Mayumi and Shibumi. They are all in high school and face the everyday issues a typical teenage girl encounters. While that does sound cliché, it really isn’t. Each chapter is independent of the others and tell of something in their daily lives that overall sounds mundane, but is turned into an adventure.  One of my favorites is of the three girls eating at a restaurant.  Momoko and her friends begin to fold the napkins into paper animals and they begin this epic story of the bear attacking the city while the ducks and alligator try to capture him to end the chaos.  I think a lot of it reminds me of the better/more enjoyable little memories of being in school. Momoko has a lot of little mannerisms that remind me of myself, and it is always nice to find that in stories.

It also needs to be noted that there is little to no dialogue. Mostly, Ken Wakai uses sounds or logos/signs to assist in the story. Not all of it is even necessary since the art is capable of holding its own! I mean, it is just wonderful!!

Please remember that this is my first ever manga, so I have nothing to compare it to. Also, I don’t know too much about manga in general. What I do know is that I enjoy the time I spend reading this!  Jyoshi Kausei is cute and each chapter only takes a few minutes, so if you are looking for something to put a smile on your face I highly suggest checking this out!!

chapter 8 pg 11


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