Inside Out – Personality Islands

Inside Out – Personality Islands

I only just recently watched Inside Out, but it is such an amazing movie!  I am now obsessed!!  My favorite characters are Anger and Sadness.  I learned a lot watching the movie and really wanted to share it with my students.  Since my 1st graders in middle school have a free semester (no grades) I wanted to try and include Inside Out into my classes.  Each class we will watch about 15 minutes of the movie and then do an activity afterwards 🙂

This first class I decided to focus on personality and what things make you unique!  We talked about Riley’s islands of personality and then I had them create their own 5 islands of personality.  I found this great printout on TeachersPayTeachers from Project School Wellness.  On her Inside Out Worksheet she also includes a lesson plan.

I’m an ESL/TEFL class and while my 1st graders can hold a decent conversation, their English isn’t really good enough to follow through with her lesson plan so I just made it a bit simpler.  All I had them do was think of 5 things that would be an island of personality for them and then draw a picture.  Simple, but I could tell it got them thinking about who they are and what interests make them unique.

My Example

Here are some of my favorites!!


Watching, friends, family, sleeping, making


Beast (k-pop group), animals, shooting (There is Shooting Club at our school where the students shoot airsoft type guns.  We are apparently one of the best in the country.), family, friends


Bike, friend, exercise, family, sleeping


Family, food, friend, dream, trip


Friends, LOL (League of Legends), family, sleep, table tennis

I will say that some of the student’s islands was depressing.  Some students made a sad islands, homework islands, test islands, and two students couldn’t think of 5 things and only wrote four.  It’s moments like this that make me remember how different Korean culture is from American.  These students spend so much time studying that they really don’t have time for other things.  This definitely reinforced my goal to bring more fun into my classroom.

Anyways, hope this helps you out!


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