Inside Out – Joy

Inside Out – Joy

Inside Out – Joy

Continuing from my previous Inside Out lesson on Islands of Personality, my class watched a bit more of the movie and then we focused on JOY!!

The first activity is working on a hallway piece!  I have a small section of hallway that I can hang things on and I always try to take advantage of that and add some color to the school 🙂  My plan is to stack up all the five major characters from Inside Out on the wall.  Each student will write one word/thing that matches that emotion.  So, for Joy I have colored circles and they were to write/draw one thing that gives them joy!  They weren’t too creative, but it is difficult to really get them thinking outside the box…


I chose this one as my favorite and she got an extra sticker in her sticker book!

IMG_3895_censored (1) IMG_3896_censored IMG_3897_censored

The second activity we did was a Heart Map!  I got the idea from Mrs. Hamilton at Cafe 1123!  She has a post about helping students become better writers and she has  picture of a Heart Map in a notebook that I assume is used to get students brainstorming.  I took this idea and made a worksheet out of it since I could already hear my students complaining about not drawing sections well and “Teacher!  I only made 11 boxes, not 12!  What should I do??”  So, I made a heart with 12 sections and told them to write/draw 12 things that give them joy!  Again, they were all a bit similar.  I’m in a small country town with not much to do here and not much available to them, so they all like the same things.  But I was still able to choose some of my favorites to share with you!!!

IMG_4070_censored IMG_4069_censored IMG_4068_censored IMG_4067_censored IMG_4061_censored IMG_4057_censored

That was my Inside Out lesson focusing on JOY!  Not sure if it helps, but I hope it does 🙂

Happy Teaching!!!!!

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