I Didn’t Run Last Week

I Didn’t Run Last Week

I didn’t run last week and I regret it.


Last week I needed to send my phone off to get a new battery.  Seriously, it was dying after being used for 4 hours.  So I sent it off Monday and got it back Thursday.  I am heavily reliant on my phone to run.  I can’t run without music and I can’t run without someone telling me that I need to run.  So I decided “what the heck, I’ll take a week off.”  I am so not happy that I took a week off.

After taking a week off my muscles began to feel sore and tight.  I couldn’t get to sleep at night.  I didn’t feel productive.  I felt like I didn’t have any energy… I just didn’t feel myself.

So today (Monday), it’s a new week and I am going out!  I don’t know how I’m going to feel after my run, but what I do know is that even if I feel like crap from taking my week off, I’ll feel better after than I did all last week.

Now I know why runners keep running.  If they stop, they feel like shit.

Moral of the story.. don’t stop running.

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