Activity: Business Cards

Activity: Business Cards

Activity: Business Cards

My 3rd graders here in South Korea have a lesson about jobs.  Well, I have to teach them the phrases: “I think you should…” “I plan on taking _______ lessons after school” and “I hope to be a…..”  The book writers decided to make these revolve around jobs.  So, I decided to have them make a business card for their future job!  Some came out fairly well, while others… I’ll let you see for yourself.  I blurred the names of the kids and some of them put their actual information, so I blurred that too.

K teacherI really liked this one!  I love how her information is in a speech bubble coming from the teacher.

Pilot I think his attempt at a plane is kind of cute, but I mostly love his “study hard more than anyone.”

The best one ever This one is my absolute favorite out of all of them!  This kid went above and beyond.  I had my own example on a power point and we made a outline of one on the board.  Neither of those examples had a map on them.  It honestly didn’t even cross my mind to possibly mention a map on a business card. BUT THIS KID THOUGHT OF IT!!  I was super impressed and let him know 🙂

progamer1 This was the first one that was turned into me.  I was pretty happy with this one.  He was definitely having fun doing this and got pretty creative.  I do wonder if his parents know he plans to be a pro-gamer.   [Fun Fact: When I first saw this I thought it said programmer.]

beauty shop I really like this one.  It is simple, but she took my idea of using social networking to your advantage on a business card.

progamer2 Another pro-gamer! [Fun Fact: I did not read programmer this time]  While this one may not seem so special (idk, you might think so), I really like this kid… So that may be why I wanted to post his business card here. Lol.

Korean Teacher Korean teacher!!  I thought her card was pretty cute 🙂  I like how she put the name of the school along with her other information.  Also, the flower background is something I can totally see on a teacher’s business card.

Firefighter I just thought this card was hilarious!  I mean, the phone number he put is 911!  LOLOLOL 😀

Actress Considering that this is a bunch of teenagers (9th graders in the states), this is the only actress that I got.  I really liked that she put what acting she has done on the card!  There are so many times when I recognize the face of someone, but can’t place what movie they were in.  [Fun Fact: I had this exact problem when I was in first class from LA to San Francisco (long story).  Irrfan Khan was across the aisle from me, but I could not remember where I knew him from!  Life of Pi and Jurassic World, in case you wanted to know.]

Just... IDK I know this is tasteless, but I really felt like I needed to show you this.  He either doesn’t know what he wants to do with his life or didn’t give a crap about actually trying.  Either way (since he is a distraction to the class) I was happy he sat down and shut his mouth long enough to draw/make a business card.  Korea is a racist country and while I didn’t think it would be like this (considering that their last English teacher was black and from South Africa), here it was within the first month of my teaching.

Cicada Photographer This guy also doesn’t know what he wants to be, so I just told him to make a job up.  He is also a major distraction to the class, so I’m glad he worked on something for once.

DentistI like this girl!  She speaks English very well and is fairly quiet in class.

TeacherSo so so so cute!!  She worked so hard on this and it looks freakin’ awesome!  I picked it up, freaked out over the drawing, and made her blush.  😀

You would think that with a bunch of teenagers, there would have been more actors/actresses, singers, or other jobs that aren’t so serious!  I was talking about this with my co-teacher (about how surprised I was to see that they pretty much all knew what they wanted to be) and she had an answer for me.  Apparently, after middle school they have to choose a path they want to take.  They can pick between more science/math or more literature/English.  Now, they still take the other classes, but their focus is on what they choose.  After high school they have to take placement test, sort of like the SAT.  They have to take four tests, but they get to choose which subjects to test on.  That also plays into where they will be accepted to for a major.  My co-teacher’s brother changed his major to business after the first year.  She says he regrets taking the wrong path in high school.  This just blows my mind.  I didn’t know what I was going to do even two years into college!  I think some people don’t know what they want to do even after they get a degree!!  I can’t even imagine what that must feel like to HAVE to know what I want to be ten years from my middle school years.

So here you have it everyone!  One of the activities I had my 3rd graders do with a little insight on what Korean teenagers want to be when they grow up!

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