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Hi there, I’m Hillary and thanks for stopping by!

Marcie and Me

I am a book lover.  Books are life!  No, really.. I have a problem.  I adore reading, shopping, smelling, and owning books of all kinds: paperback, hardcover, e-book, comic book, and books with the movie cover. Here on this blog I will be giving my honest opinion on what I have read.  No one pays me to write these reviews, but I won’t say no to receiving a book in exchange for my thoughts.  I do want to mention that I am an Amazon Associate, which means that if you click on a link and purchase that product I will get pennies for your kindness.

I am planning on moving to South Korea.  I currently reside in Texas, but have recently fallen in love with South Korea.  My friend mentioned to me that I could be an English teacher there, which would be a great opportunity to travel and fully experience the culture.  Thinking this is a great idea I decided to start learning Korean, getting my TEFL certificate, and doing my best to get ready for applications.  In case anyone else is looking for information on my process or future experiences as an ESL teacher, as I have, I will post my process for you to see.

I am the mother to a wonderful dog named Remus.  Remus is my dachshund who has his quirks and challenges.  Also, he is just too darn cute for his own good!  But really, who doesn’t want to look at adorable pictures of dogs or read funny, horrific stories of my misfortunes?

I am an adventurer.  I love finding different activities to do with my friends to make life a little less boring and more colorful!  I’m trying to push my boundaries and try things I would have never considered before.  Living in a larger city provides may opportunities for entertainment and I intend on taking advantage of that.  Whether it is chasing down firefighters or learning fencing, I’m all in.

I am STUPENDOUS!  Overall, I enjoy my life.  There are times when I forget the great things that have happened to me or the moments that made me cringe, but made others laugh.  I wanted a place where I can document, share, and reminisce.  I debated a YouTube channel, I have actually attempted one in the past, but you can’t sneakily watch YouTube at work or in class.

This is me enjoying a root beer float in Minnesota.

This is me enjoying a root beer float in Minnesota.

(I also wanted to note that I am obsessed with commas and will use them much more than I should)

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